Corporate Social Responsibility

Making A Difference

Sweet Home was built on traditional and cultural values. We care about our communities and it is vital to us that we show deep respect and give back in positive and rewarding ways while we have grown and prospered. Every day, we would like to put a dent in the universe by dedicating our commitment to the wellbeing of our business, communities, society and the world at large.

Sweet Home Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

We value our planet and strive to minimise our impact on the environment, and commit ourselves to business practices that are environmentally responsible. In the efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we opt for natural renewable resources as a heating element, by using wood pellets in place of fossil fuels, and we treat our industrial waste such as wastewater and emissions to the standards of the government.

It is our pledge to create a balance between our business and our environment. We may not be perfect, but we are doing the best we could.

Sweet Home Environmental Sustainability
Sweet Home Human Rights

Human Rights

At Sweet Home, we believe that everyone should be treated fairly with dignity and respect; it’s a basic human right. We aim to provide an example of good human rights and transparent labour practices in our daily business activities to make a difference in our communities, or the world in a broader sense. We are not afraid to take a stand against any form of forced labours, workplace harassment and discrimination.

Happier and healthier lives are what we are inspiring and what human beings deserve fundamentally.

Education & Charitable Giving

Giving back is just as essential to us as making rock sugar, whether it’s a national effort in support of a good cause or a charity for a local community we call home. Sweet Home has been active in building awareness and support for the social and environmental issues that we care strongly about. We serve as a platform that helps unite the efforts of growing community to create a better future for our generations to come. Every little action counts and when we work together, efforts are amplified and we are making a real difference. The action is now and we are continuously creating proud moments with people who share the same belief

Sweet Home Education & Charitable Giving