Our Story

The Heart Of Great Taste

Creating safe, delicate and emotionally satisfying food products is the reason we exist. To put it simply, Sweet Home Candied Products Sdn. Bhd. has successfully established itself as one of the most prominent rock sugar and candied winter melon manufacturer in this beautifully charming satellite town Rawang, Selangor. Together, we have worked tirelessly with over 40 years of experience in food manufacturing.

We have very humble beginnings and it all started from a traditional kitchen with a sack of cane sugar as our sole capital, to take care of people and make people happy. And so, in 1974, our company, with a delightfully sweet name ‘Teh Sey Ming Candied Melon Factory’ (TSM), was born.

With word began to spread and the impeccable reputation gained, our business grew quickly and evolved steadily, so did the list of products we provide. One thing led to another, we had our name changed to ‘Sweet Home Candied Products Sdn. Bhd.’, to catapult food experiences to another bedazzling level and to make life easier for everyone.

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The Growth

Innovation And Revolution

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Sweet Home’s factory at Rawang, Selangor.

Before long, Sweet Home was a full-fledged manufacturing company, providing all sweet and comfort ranging from conveniently ready-to-serve rock sugar right through to the delicious 4-in-1 Longan Drink.

In 2008, our factory was relocated to Rawang for a more spacious office and production site to accommodate our modernised process equipment. We are so excited and look forward to maintaining and accelerating our company’s growth at this location over the next decade. Today, Sweet Home is a group of inspired and dedicated people who are proud of being in this big family and are self-driven to polish our brand to a whole new level.

One of the things everyone at Sweet Home has in common is a belief that it is important to meet the required high standards of the Malaysian Food Industry and to ensure uncompromised products. Thus, our products are thoughtfully researched and developed, with the incorporation of GMP, HACCP, HALAL and FSSC22000 certifications. Each day, we continue to innovate and provide you with the heart of great taste and the touch of goodness you deserve.

The Sweet Timeline

This is where our story is told and the euphoric heart of great taste is created.
Let’s discover Sweet Home’s memory lane of wellbeing and see how we got here.
And thanks for being with us all this while.


With a great idea and great market demand, Teh Sey Ming Candied Melon Factory is officially born.


Our R&D team’s first experiment with the making of Longan Drink.


Teh Sey Ming Longan Drink is introduced and enjoyed by everyone.


We move again to a new, larger production plant in Kepong to accommodate the growing demand.


We rename Teh Sey Ming Candied Melon Factory to Sweet Home Candied Products Sdn. Bhd.


We are never tired of moving, especially for the better. This time it is Rawang industrial area, with our advanced machinery and equipment. Same concept, same people, just a different place and some improvements.


We all know that Sweet Home has the safest and the best quality of products. Well, many certification bodies agreed too. This year, we are proud to have acquired FSSC 22000.


The start of Sweet Home’s brand refinement exercise to continue boosting people’s wellbeing around the world.